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SECONDS SALE 170mm Cactus Mirror Acrylic Wall Art Decor Choose Your Colour

SECONDS SALE 170mm Cactus Mirror Acrylic Wall Art Decor Choose Your Colour

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 C A C T U S  M I R R O R S - seconds
A colourful statement piece for all the cactus lovers!

Made with a single layer of premium reflective mirrored acrylic.

If you would prefer to have them with a 3mm white backing piece, please message me for details.

All of the following are 170mm high, and have the following flaws.

I've taken the pics super close up, but you won't actually notice most of them from a distance.

hot pink - (1) 1cm small scratch and very faint scratch above it

hot pink - (2) very tiny 3mm mark

red - 2 tiny flaws within the acrylic, won't show up in photos and are very hard to notice unless up super close

gold - fine 6cm scratch

orange - tiny flecks as pictured

blue (1) super tiny flecks as pictured

blue (2) 1 tiny mark on the reverse side showing as a dot 



- We highly recommend the use of quality Command 3M  mounting strips, however as they are so light, lots of small blobs of blu tac work well also, but please do not place them over something breakable. If using blue tac, please use tiny blobs not large pieces, as you may crack the mirror when pressing it onto the wall. Gently, gently is always best !



- These are NOT toys, so please keep out of reach of children at all times, and we recommend that you do NOT place them above beds or cots.

- Please only use a soft clean dry cloth to gently polish out any marks or fingerprints


- Get tagging, and use #neonpunklove for a chance to be featured on our Socials, we would love to see you!