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Funky Socks Retro Cassette

Funky Socks Retro Cassette

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Inspired by your awesome mix tape Volume 1... 

Our Cassettes Funky Socks design was hand drawn and painted before being applied with love to a beautiful, 100% sustainable bamboo canvas for all to enjoy this beautiful rewound piece of tech.

Manufactured ethically using 100% sustainable bamboo, natural dyes, non-toxic inks and recycled cardboard packaging. Rewind!


**Colour may slightly vary from your monitor to actual product as monitors do no display true colour.

Funky Socks Bamboo

-  Are very breathable and thermo-regulating

- Absorb twice as much moisture as cotton

- Are supremely soft to the touch

- Are 100% sustainable

- Are hypoallergenic

- Are biodegradable

- Are UV protective